Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beverly Tran Nominated As Michigan Child Welfare Advocate The Year

Beverly Tran

It looks like we have another child abuse propaganda campaign going on over here!

That's right folks.  Since it looks like there is going to be a significant influx of kiddies into the foster care system beginning October 1, 2011, ole Maura Corrigan has revved up the campaign to justify Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

Jim Novell is giving out the awards to those who advocate for child welfare?  Well, it is only proper to nominate me.  Yes, that's right.  Jim and I are dear friends, going all the way back to 2001.

Since it is an obviously a minor oversight, I felt compelled to make this minor correction by pointing out that Jim forgot to include a category for community advocates, as commonly referred to by law.

More than likely, Jim and Maura did not include this category for there is only one person from the community who arduously advocates for child welfare.  Me.

I encourage each and everyone on my fans to nominate me.  It really does not matter which category you choose, just nominate me.   Let them know that Beverly Tran is on a mission...

NOTE: Whenever it asks for address, always list my cyber address:  and you can take it from there.

Feel free to include my email:  and number: 313-312-5195

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Morbidity of Child Abuse Propaganda

The Wayne County Juvenile Court, the infamous Lincoln Hall of Justice, is changing its policies.  Isn't that sweet.  It is now saying "judge" must sign the orders for removal of a child.

I am quite sure Kelly Ramsey, Referee and Board Member of Child's Hope over there at University of Michigan Dearborn, who was removed from the bench and put behind the desk in the capacity of head honcha, far away from the purview of the public, is pretty pissed right now as she was the lead person who encouraged rubber stamping of judges and even referees.

What I find as a gross morbidity of child abuse propaganda is the entire concept of judicial oversight.   People have forgotten who was the top dog in Michigan of the courts.  Maura Corrigan.  And where is Maura now? Girlfriend did a lateral shift right over to the Michigan Department of Human Services to do damage control of the gross morbidity of child abuse propaganda which allows and encourages Medicaid fraud in child welfare.  Brilliant.

The grossest morbidity of all is found in the minds of the people who have not even considered what has happened to the children and original parents who have been victim to rubber stamping and generation of false reports to the courts.  Considering the fact the it is only in Wayne County that the Attorney General prosecutes these cases, you would think they would know better than to allow rubber stamping to go on in the court.  

Then, you know the Michigan Attorney General went on to fight these rubber stamps all the way up to the Supreme Court where Maura "Cash Cow" Corrigan presided over these cases.  You really do not have to guess how she ruled because most of them never saw the light of day.

The results of rubber stamping are termination of parental rights and Medicaid fraud.  The gross morbidity is that nothing will happen to anyone except the children.

I encourage everyone to contact Referee Kelly Ramsey and thank her for her dedicated work in promoting the gross morbidity of child abuse propaganda.... and make sure you tell her sent you.

Kelly... I'm on a mission...

The Action News Investigators broke the story about how Wayne County Juvenile Court rubber stamps orders that allow the state to take kids from parents. Now, the court is changing the policy so that a judge must sign the order before a child is taken away. The change came just one day after the highly-publicized Maryanne Godboldo case in which a judge scofffed at the order used to remove her child. LK: