Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maura Corrigan: Michigan's Cash Cow

Ricky Holland
Bill Johnson, Superintendent of Michigan Children's Institute authorized the adoption of Ricky Holland's two younger siblings to the murders during the murder investigation.

Ricky Holland was placed in foster care by his mother because there was no help for her. He was never removed for abuse and neglect.

Now, every time the Ricky's mother has another child to replace the one who was murdered by the State of Michigan, the State of Michigan comes and cuts the umbilical cord.

I used to have in my possession some of the case transcripts where the foster murderer was testifying on the scheme to dope up Ricky Holland with the highest dosages of psychotropics in order to get more money.

There are many reasons why this case is so dear to me, why I swore I would never let Ricky Holland's memory fade away, but I will only share one.

Michigan's Cash Cow

Michigan's Cash Cow had the audacity to run a statewide commercial paid with undisclosed funds in to the tune of $80,000 asking the people of Michigan to call the Supreme Court and thank her for "all she has done for foster care and adoption" in order for her colleagues to elect her as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  She was not elected.

It was at that moment I began my mission...

Michigan OCO Ricky Holland Investigative Report

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