Sunday, December 12, 2010

Michigan's Noble Lie

Michigan Children's Institute is the epitome of the example of Plato's Noble Lie. This is a governmental entity that, as it states on the site,

Michigan Children's Institute

The Michigan Children's Institute was created to assure the proper care of children needing services from the state. The law established the MCI superintendent as the legal guardian for children committed to MCI when parental rights have been terminated. In 1935, the Michigan Legislature established the MCI Superintendent as the legal guardian for these children. The Superintendent is authorized to consent to adoption, emancipation, and marriage of MCI wards. Children who have been committed to MCI, whose permanency plan is other than adoption, usually remain under the MCI supervision until age 19.

For further information regarding the Michigan Children's Institute contact 517-335-6421.

When you call, ask Mary Rossman, who will answer the phone, to speak with Bill Johnson, the Superintendent, or for that matter, ask to speak with Bruce Hoffman, his assistant and, just for fun, inquire the authority the Superintendent possesses to represent the Great State of Michigan without being elected, appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the Senate, or just ask if he has ever taken an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You will here my name being cursed under her breath because this is the Noble Lie.

The Noble Lie for MCI, is promoting the legitimacy of Michigan's Child Welfare System to the public when, in accordance to federal funding mandates and constitutionalities, in all practicality, it is illegitimate.

The Noble Lie is the Supreme Court clarified the Superintendent's powers as consenting to the designation of a guardian, layered with another Noble Lie of the Legislature introducing a package of bills to legitimize the legislative powers of the court, in order to continue the submissions of false federal claims.

The Noble Lie is the best for the State of Michigan for the entire Child Welfare System would implode if it were to come into federal compliance.

The Noble Lie is growing, underneath the veil of secrecy. As seen below, there is no shape or form to access the fraudulent activities of Michigan's Child Welfare system, not even the secret operations of MCI.


You have accessed a case that arises under the Adoption Code, as
denoted by the two-letter case type code in the lower court file number.

Pursuant to MCL 710.67, “…records of proceedings in adoption
cases…and the papers and books relating to the proceedings shall be
kept in separate locked files and shall not be open to inspection or copy
except upon order of a court of record for good cause shown expressly
permitting inspection or copy.”

All information on adoption cases is foreclosed from disclosure. No
employee of this Court may provide information regarding this case to a
member of the public except by order of this Court. MCL 710.67.
If necessary, you may call 517/373-2252 to confirm that this case is
appropriately flagged as arising under the Adoption Code.

When an opinion is issued, it will be accessible through the Court’s
online opinion archive.

The way this statute is written, there is no tolerance for a whistleblower.

Dunleavy v. Wayne County

Stop the Noble Lie. Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare.


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